Side Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in Your Brain.

Side Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in Your Brain.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

Side Effects in the Brain

Aging And Health Issues Are Sure To Come, If You Do Not Seek Treatment:

What’s the science behind drug and alcohol effects on the brain? How dangerous is it if you abuse drugs and alcohol constantly? First of all, if you have gained dependency on any of these two, then you must take the right steps for treatment today. Abusing alcohol and drugs can lead you to being in very critical conditions. Do you ever wonder what happens inside your brain when you consume these two? Well, you will find out about the science going on in different parts of your brain today. Don’t be frightened though, there is an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment! You can fix this problem, but first you must know the problem to find the answer!

These are the following chemical effects that occur inside your brain when you consume drugs:

  • Increased serotonin levels (Causes anxiety, shaking, high-blood pressure, etc.)
  • Suppression of dopamine levels (Loss of consciousness occurs)
  • Strongly elevated dopamine levels (Higher chances of mental illness developing)
  • Increase in norepinephrine (Increase heart rate, widening of pupils, etc.)
  • Acetylcholine levels rise

These are the following effects that occur inside of your brain when you consume alcohol:

  • Memory lapses (Frontal Cortex)
  • Blackouts (Medulla)
  • Deficiency in thiamine
  • Mental confusion (Central Nervous System)
  • Lack of coordination (Cerebellum)

As you have read, abuse of such substance and drugs affect your brain little by little. From affecting your frontal cortex that is in control of your memory to affecting the medulla that can cause you to end up in a coma. You have the opportunity to change today with an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment. It’s never too late! Get rid of your dependence today, and be dependent of your own life today.

Live Sober is a Miami Drug Addiction Recovery center that understands the importance of preventing drug and alcohol abuse in order to have a long and healthier life. Our focus is to help those who feel that drug and alcohol is their only answer. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, call us today at 1-855-483-7623 or Click here to contact us.

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