How Can Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Pregnancy?

How Can Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Pregnancy?

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol Treatment Center

Pregnancy Alcohol Addiction

Why Drinking Before or During Pregnancy is Bad:

Are you planning on getting pregnant but you’re a heavy alcohol drinker? Have you drank at least one glass of an alcoholic drink during your pregnancy? It is recommended that you lay off the alcoholic beverages completely if you’re trying to get pregnant or during your pregnancy. Not even one glass of wine as many people think is okay, no study has shown that drinking alcohol is safe during a pregnancy. All women are different, some have the adequate amount of enzymes to break down alcohol easily, others just don’t have enough and the alcohol remains in the system for days. Choosing to keep going with this dangerous habit can cause many problems. Drinking during pregnancy can lead to negative effects on the baby such as:


  • Miscarriage: The loss of a baby in the first 20 weeks. About 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies happen to end up in miscarriage, with the majority of the time happening before the 12 weeks.


  • Stillbirth: Occurs when a baby is born during or after 24 weeks without any sign of life, or dies in the womb.


  • FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder): A baby could be born facial or nervous system abnormalities, growth-problems. Also, they could develop problems such as controlling their emotions, have learning disabilities, speech or language delays, born deaf or blind, etc.


  • Premature baby: A baby is born on the 37th week instead of the 40th week. Since the baby had less time to develop in the womb then it has a higher chance of being born with health problems.


Consuming alcohol while you’re pregnant can bring a lot of problems to the health of your baby, you might not even be able to see your baby alive if you don’t stop drinking. It’s extremely important to seek counseling if you can’t stop by yourself to ensure that you and your baby are in healthy conditions. Don’t let your addiction get the best of you. Take the right steps to prevent the negative effects of drinking alcohol from harming you and your baby. Visit an Alcohol Treatment Center to find out more on how you can break the chains of addiction that are holding you back. Drinking alcohol during a pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the health of the baby, seek our Alcohol Treatment Center to deal with these types of problems.

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