Get a Full Recovery Experience with Our Halfway Housing in Miami

Halfway Housing in Miami
Are you stuck in addiction and needing some help?
Through Live Sober Now, excellent care through Halfway Housing in Miami is made available to those recovering from addiction. Halfway Housing in Miami provides transitional living places for people who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Because of certain legal requirements, some states will instead use the term […]

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Live Sober: Meeting Other Addicts: Finding Inspiration Through the Stories of Others!

Miami Recovery House
Get your life back and together because you deserve it! You are not defined by your mistakes.

At Live Sober Now, we have carefully cultivated our programs to meet every need. Depending on your individual situation, we will team up to bring you the absolute best recovery team. According to your struggles and necessities, Live Sober will bring you […]

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Are You and Your Loved One Struggling With Addiction? A Halfway House Can Help!

Halfway House in Fort Lauderdale
Addiction Treatment

Making The Right Decision
Do you know anyone who is currently struggling with drugs? It’s not easy seeing a loved one suffering the  addiction of drugs or alcohol. No matter how many times you tell them of the outcome of what these two can affect their body and mind, they still refuse to change. If you’re […]

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Is the Halfway House Right for You? Here Is How to Tell!

Fort Lauderdale Halfway House
Quitting Addiction

Learning to Live Sober
Are you suffering with drug addiction? Do you have a friend or family member who is currently struggling with addiction? There is a solution and that is the halfway house treatment. The halfway house is a place in which addicts who have been able to prove that they can stay sober for a […]

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What Is a Sober Diary and How Can It Benefit Your Recovery?

Sobriety Support Miami
Diaries have been kept by all kinds of human beings from all over the world for centuries. It is a great tool to record major life occurrences or simply use as a therapeutic outlet. Some have the misconception that you need to be a talented writer to keep a diary. In reality, a diary can be kept […]

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Ten Reasons to Give up Alcohol Today!

Alcoholism Treatment in Miami
When abused, alcohol can become an all-consuming addiction that will take a hold of your life and affect every facet of it. At times it may feel as if this illness has progressed past the point of no return, but it is important to remember that the most crucial aspect of recovery is finding the will to […]

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What Does Cigarette Smoking Do to Your Insides?

Florida Rehab Center
Nicotine Addiction
Quitting Cigarettes

Did you know that 24 hours after quitting smoking your heart rate drops to its normal levels dramatically decreasing the chances of getting a heart attack? After reading this, you will be motivated to quit smoking, not because of the health problems smoking brings but because you will realize how hard you’ve been on yourself. Our professionals at […]

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What to Do Before Approaching an Addict About Recovery?

Addiction Recovery Services
Approaching an Addict
Approaching an Addict
Do you have a friend or relative who is currently suffering from drug addiction? Are you worried that something will happen to them if they don’t stop? You are here reading this because you really care about your friend or relative, or because you’re the one who wants to abandon the drug or alcohol […]

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Side Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in Your Brain.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment
Side Effects in the Brain
Aging And Health Issues Are Sure To Come, If You Do Not Seek Treatment:
What’s the science behind drug and alcohol effects on the brain? How dangerous is it if you abuse drugs and alcohol constantly? First of all, if you have gained dependency on any of these two, then you must take the […]

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Its Never Too Late for a New Start! We Can Show You How.

Adult Recovery Treatment
Rehab Treatment Center
Take Back Control of Your Life
Imagine you accidentally fall into a hole, it’s about 15 feet deep. You think there is no way out, and no one will ever find you. All of a sudden, people happen to pass by and they hear you yelling for help. They see you, they grab a rope and together […]

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