Live Sober: Meeting Other Addicts: Finding Inspiration Through the Stories of Others!

Live Sober: Meeting Other Addicts: Finding Inspiration Through the Stories of Others!

Miami Recovery House

Get your life back and together because you deserve it! You are not defined by your mistakes.

Miami Recovery House

At Live Sober Now, we have carefully cultivated our programs to meet every need. Depending on your individual situation, we will team up to bring you the absolute best recovery team. According to your struggles and necessities, Live Sober will bring you to the best-fitting Miami Recovery House possible.

Recovery Treatment in Miami

Services Provided:

You will have our team on your side through every step.

  • Assessment: We will assess the circumstances, problems of everyone involved (including family members), and the ENTIRE situation. Based on our findings, we will carefully place you in the Miami Recovery House that best fits your needs.
  • Admissions:We will guide you through the admissions process and ensure the smoothest transition into treatment with one of our Miami Recovery Houses.
  • Travel Arrangements: Live Sober Now will coordinate and arrange all travels for you. If required, we will even provide an escort.
  • Monitoring: Live Sober Now will be with you and your family during every step of the way! Regular progress reports will be provided.
  • Placement: We will make specific recommendations that include type of treatment, recommended length of stay, and family involvement. We will also place you in whichever Miami Recovery House best fits your needs.
  • Intervention: Live Sober Now will perform all intervention services.
  • Financing: When necessary, we will arrange and facilitate all financing details for the recommended course of treatment.
  • Coaching: Live Sober Now will provide coaching to the family members to help them with their own recovery process. In doing so, the patient in treatment will also gain a stronger, growing support system.


Benefits of Teaming Up With Us:

Aside from providing extremely specialized coaching, placement, and recovery service to you, we will also provide guidance in building relationships. An extremely important part of recovering for yourself is also getting to know the recovery stories of others. While we cater to your needs with addiction treatment and therapies, it is encouraging to be able to learn from someone who has been through a similar storm. Within each Miami Recovery House, you will find several opportunities to build your strength. As you accomplish this step, you will be able to relate more healthily to other recovering addicts.

Finding Inspiration from Others:

Along your road to recovery, it is really great to have people who understand your situation on your side. Through meeting other recovering addicts and hearing their stories, you will find encouragement to keep fighting and standing your own ground. You will be reminded that you are not at all alone or judged. And you will be inspired to continue believing that your own recovery is absolutely beyond possible.

We Care About You:

Live Sober Now is an organization that specializes in your addiction and is comprised solely of individuals who are either going through treatment themselves or have been in some way directly affected by addiction. We have dedicated our professional and personal lives to assisting those who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions. Our only goal is to provide you with the help that will give you back your control and save your life.

Addiction Treatment in Miami

For more help on getting your life back, contact us today by calling 1 (855)-483-7623 or by clicking here to make your appointment.

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