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Halfway House

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At Live Sober Now, we believe that the transition between receiving treatment for drug or alcohol abuse at our center and returning to normal, everyday life is the most crucial time in an individual’s journey to recovery. We offer many treatment programs that have helped countless patients achieve incredible strides towards living a happy, healthy life style in the past, but many have struggled during their first few weeks or even months on their own.

In order to provide further support for our patients, we now offer temporary residence in our incredibly effective halfway houses. A halfway house is typically a place where individuals recovering from some form of addiction can live for a specified amount of time while they transition back into society. Live Sober Now offers a variety of rehabilitation programs, including:


Local Halfway Houses

Some patients progress fantastically at our center, but do not feel prepared to return to their lives once treatment has ended. This is when our professionals will strongly suggest opting for a stay at our halfway houses in order to get the most out of your treatment. Thousands of individuals have passed through our sober living homes and can attest to the dramatic, positive difference it has made on their lives.

Many of the professionals who run our halfway houses have experienced addiction first hand and can relate to their residents more than anyone else. We find that creating a strong community led by individuals who have made it through the darkness of drug and alcohol dependency and are passionate about helping others in similar situations can make a world of difference. Our team establishes a safe place in which residents will always have a helping hand or attentive ear whenever they find themselves losing hope.

Sober Living Communities

Not only are our halfway houses a great means to ensure that the treatment you received is long lasting and effective, they are also a helpful source to rebuild yourself as a human being. Many individuals who have suffered through addiction left several aspects of their lives unresolved or destroyed altogether before seeking treatment. At Live Sober Now, we have crafted a curriculum that focuses on basic life skills that recovering patients may need some touching up in before they return to their everyday lives.

All residents of our halfway houses take part in these classes, where our experts help teach skills that will assist and target all areas, including:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Etiquette

We have found that honing these skills makes a dramatic difference in the success rate of our patients. Each individual who is truly seeking positive changes in their life leave our halfway house feeling prepared to take on the world.

Halfway House in Florida

Live Sober Now accepts all major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as cash.

Arrange to be a part of a supportive community while transitioning from your recovery and contact Live Sober Now at 1 (855) 483-7623 or click here for more information on our incredible treatment programs. The first step towards a happy and healthy lifestyle is just a phone call away.

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