Family Rehabilitation

Family Rehabilitation

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  • September 13, 2013

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The idea of family has tremendously changed over the years, from the standard parents and children to an over encompassing family unit including friends and loved ones. One thing that hasn’t changed is addiction is a family disease and everyone must recover together.

My name is Mike T, I’m an alcoholic. I was addicted to alcohol and or crack cocaine from the time I was 16 until the age of 34. As the result childhood dreams vanished, relationships were severed, countless jobs lost, the ability to be a father…son…brother…uncle all gone. I could no longer keep a roof over my head or food in my stomach. I spent many nights sleeping on park benches and eating in soup kitchens. I once spent an entire month living in a port-o-let on the New Haven Green. I would spend 10 years in and out of detoxes and treatment facilities. I was written off as hopeless and I would of agreed with it.

My Higher Power had other plans. He put a person in recovery armed with the facts about this disease and the desire to share it with others in my path. Some simple Steps were laid out to me on how to remove that which blocked me off from the awareness of that Higher Power. And I was told the only thing I need to do to keep it was to give it away. Lay my life down for others. When I do that, the hole in my heart fills up, the spiritual sickness that I truly suffer from is treated and taking a drink no longer is attractive.

As a result I have been graced with many things. A professional career,  roof over my head, three meals a day (at least!), a bank account, a car. Relationships have been restored, past harms amended, new friendships in recovery, the list goes on and on. But most important of all I have been given something I never had….HOPE.

Recovery IS possible. And its equally available to each and everyone who suffers. Awareness and action are all that’s required! Thanks – Michael T

Alcohol and drug addiction affects every person differently and it is crucial for everyone surrounding that individual to fully understand the addiction they have and that specific addiction effects their life in a negative way. Live Sober New places an important focus on not just treating the individual suffering from addiction, but also their family to help ensure a successful lifetime addiction recovery.

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