Are You and Your Loved One Struggling With Addiction? A Halfway House Can Help!

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Addiction Treatment

Making The Right Decision
Do you know anyone who is currently struggling with drugs? It’s not easy seeing a loved one suffering the  addiction of drugs or alcohol. No matter how many times you tell them of the outcome of what these two can affect their body and mind, they still refuse to change. If you’re […]

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What to Do Before Approaching an Addict About Recovery?

Addiction Recovery Services
Approaching an Addict
Approaching an Addict
Do you have a friend or relative who is currently suffering from drug addiction? Are you worried that something will happen to them if they don’t stop? You are here reading this because you really care about your friend or relative, or because you’re the one who wants to abandon the drug or alcohol […]

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Teaching Teens About Peer Pressure: Preventing Drug Abuse

Teen Drug Rehab
Preventing Drug Dependence
You’ve Always heard, Say NO to Drugs.. Here’s Why:
Have you ever been pressured into doing drugs? Do you know what to say when they ask you if you want a sip of alcohol or a pill of ecstasy? You say, NO! You know why? Because not only are drugs extremely bad for you, but you could […]

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How Can Alcohol Addiction Affect Your Pregnancy?

Alcohol Treatment Center
Pregnancy Alcohol Addiction
Why Drinking Before or During Pregnancy is Bad:
Are you planning on getting pregnant but you’re a heavy alcohol drinker? Have you drank at least one glass of an alcoholic drink during your pregnancy? It is recommended that you lay off the alcoholic beverages completely if you’re trying to get pregnant or during your pregnancy. Not even […]

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Side Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in Your Brain.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment
Side Effects in the Brain
Aging And Health Issues Are Sure To Come, If You Do Not Seek Treatment:
What’s the science behind drug and alcohol effects on the brain? How dangerous is it if you abuse drugs and alcohol constantly? First of all, if you have gained dependency on any of these two, then you must take the […]

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Its Never Too Late for a New Start! We Can Show You How.

Adult Recovery Treatment
Rehab Treatment Center
Take Back Control of Your Life
Imagine you accidentally fall into a hole, it’s about 15 feet deep. You think there is no way out, and no one will ever find you. All of a sudden, people happen to pass by and they hear you yelling for help. They see you, they grab a rope and together […]

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Gain Control of Your Life Today! Let Live Sober Now Help!

Drug Rehab Treatment Facility
Drug Rehab Center
Let Us Help You Live Sober
Have you been having trouble staying above the influence? Do you need a hand to get back up and live life happily without the need of any drug or substance? No one has the ability to change you, you and only you can choose to do the right thing. Once […]

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How Alcohol Is Destroying Your Liver? Signs to Look For!

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Center
Miami Recovery Center
Excessive Drinking May Lead to Health Issues
Have you or any of your loved ones been struggling with alcohol addiction and need to get back on your feet with the right counseling? Live Sober Now is here for you! A specialized staff working together organizing day and night services to provide you with the help you’re seeking. Drinking excessively […]

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What Are the Signs of a Drinking Problem?

Miami Alcohol Addiction Recovery
Alcoholism Treatment
Learn the Signs of Alcohol Addiction
When a person is hiding the fact that they are struggling with a drinking problem, the signs might be a little bit difficult to catch. Live Sober understands that it might be hard to see the signs of a drinking problem, but once you do, signing them up for the Miami Alcohol […]

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What Can Trigger an Alcohol or Drug Addiction?

Hialeah Drug Addiction Recovery
Miami Rehabilitation Center
What Triggers An Addiction
Alcohol and drug addiction is something that may or may not just pop into someones mind, and then they automatically become addicted. In many cases, addiction to drugs or alcohol is often triggered by something much larger.

In teen drug and alcohol abuse, the triggers have something to do with peer pressure, or […]

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FREE Drug and Alcohol Treatment Placement Services

Live Sober Now Cares! 100% FREE drug and alcohol treatment placement services! We are passionate about recovery and we are dedicated to your success. Live Sober Now is NOT interested in filling a bed, we are only concerned about saving lives and restoring families that have been destroyed by drug/alcohol addiction. Please, Let us help you NOW by picking up the Phone and dialing 1-855-483-7623. There is no charge and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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