Signs That Your Teenager Is Using Drugs: How Can Live Sober Help?

Signs That Your Teenager Is Using Drugs: How Can Live Sober Help?

Teen Addiction Rehab Program in Miami

Have you noticed a change in your child’s behavior and suspect that they may be using drugs? You are not alone. Actually many parents are concerned about this, and do not how to go about the situation. In a society where drug use is becoming more of a norm, we need to know more about drugs and their effects. Our Teen Addiction Rehab Program in Miami can help you do that.

Signs Your Child May be Using Drugs:

Drug abuse is a serious issue that should be addressed if you believe that your teen has become involved with such substances. Our Teen Addiction Rehab Program in Miami can help you and your teen learn more about the effects of different drugs and how it can negatively effect your life and life of those around you. Here are some of the many signs that can help you determine whether your teen is using drugs:

  • Their eyes are bloodshot red
  • Frequent nose bleeds
  • Changes in sleeping patterns and appetite
  • They don’t care about their appearance
  • Their coordination has declined
  • Unusual smells on clothing or breath
  • Drop in performance (skipping class, lack of motivation)
  • Stealing or borrowing money
  • Change in relationships (friends or family)
  • Mood swings (easily irritated or laughing outbursts)
  • Appears spaced out

Also, warning signs could include your teen using things to cover the physical signs of drug use such as eye drops to cover the redness of their eyes or perfume to mask the smell of the drugs.

How Can We Help:

Our Teen Addiction Rehab Program in Miami, can help your child understand the harm they are doing to their body and can help you (the parent) understand ways in which you can support your child during this time. Our program can help teach parents the right ways in which to ask questions and react without accusing when faced with this type of scary situation. We help parents understand that coming off angry is not always the best way, since that can make a child feel the need to lie. Accusing a teen of something may cause them to become defensive and not open up, however, asking them in a calm way about drug use can have the opposite effect.

For more information on our Rehab program at Live Sober Now call us at 1 (855) 483-7623 or click here to visit our website and make an appointment!

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